In addition to science communication, Cay is also a fiction writer, specializing in upmarket and commercial genre fiction (horror, thriller, fantasy).

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When nonbinary college student Art Haeberlin’s reclusive brother goes missing—truck flipped, an unknown person’s blood on his front seat—they must return to their hated hometown to help bring him home alive—and hopefully still human.

Adult Horror/Thriller • 90k • SUN DOWN MOTEL by Simone St. James x SUMMER SONS by Lee Mandelo


An aesthetic for Harpy that is a series of photographs in the background, including looking up from a courtyard, a woman hiding behind hair, a feather, and a statue. On top, in the shape of a diamond, are overlapping images that include orange stained glass, the Florentine skyline, and fire, with a text overlay that says "I refuse to be a tragedy."

Francesca Vasari is ambitious, cunning—and apparently possessed. To get her body back, she’ll have to work with the monster that’s taken up residence inside her to help get it home.

If, that is, her body can survive the struggle for control first.

YA Dark Fantasy • 94k • SEVEN FACELESS SAINTS by M.K. Lobb x ONLY A MONSTER by Vanessa Le

Stories in Progress

Delayed Flight*

An aesthetic for Delayed Flight that is a series of photographs, including a wet leaf, an exit sign, a woman looking out an airplane window, a man walking, and fog over water.

When Beth and her mother get stuck in Ireland and are ushered to a remote hotel along with other weary travelers, they think the worst they’ll deal with is the inconvenience.

But that was before the other travelers start turning up dead.

Adult Thriller with Speculative Elements • THE GUEST LIST by Lucy Foley x THE MIST by Stephen King

* = These are placeholder story titles

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